Termites reaches its mid-point

Unlike, other books termites seems taking a longer time than expected. It’s been already two years that the book has been fleshing up gradually. Today the manuscript has reached its mid-point, the 50% landmark, and the story seems to get interesting; a lot of changes has happened to the original story as the writing progressed but there is no change in the theme. Writing is like coming to a shore, look around and then you notice an island far across the waters. You are caught by a sudden desire to get there, and at the shore, you notice an abandoned wooden boat. You have no clue about the currents, winds and the depth of waters, and you do not even know how to swim but the urge to get to the island is irresistible. You climb into the boat and begin to row across the immense waters: currents take you far away, winds begin to gust against you pushing you away from the dream island, and the cruel waves brutally breaks under the boat abruptly lifting you and dashing pitilessly on the surface of the waters. It seems the whole universe conspires against you gathering it’s all forces. Yes, your desire remains alive, you keep rowing, defeated in one moment, and next minute as a victor, you row longer than imagined, and the path to the island was longer than speculated, and at the end of a weary long journey, you get to the shoe of the island of fantasy, where you begin to discover the unseen and the unheard. That is how a book starts and none knows how it ends… I am sure Termites will bring you the unseen and the unheard about hundred thousands of Barshas living in brothels in Bangladesh






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