The Baobab

The Baobab, I named this after the baobab trees I had seen in Africa, unique with its imposing characteristics and symbolic importance for each country, ethnicity and tribe. But what my eyes can not believe even today was how I wrote this, just sitting on a bridge under the hot sun, in a dusty street in war-torn Monrovia, the capital of the West African nation. I was leaning on the cement rails of the famous Johnson bridge that still carry its painful traces of bullets, traumatic recent past of the capital of one of the poorest nations on the earth. Monserado river was flowing silently encircling Bushrod island where mortal battles took several hundreds of young lives years ago, and, at my vicinity, another iconic debris of Liberian civil war- best known as 3rd world war-the duco palace, former Hilton Monrovia was standing on a hilltop in the heart of the city. From the charismatic church in the clay street, I began to hear the Sunday morning prayers and loud singing. I walked into the church and, sat in the last row from where I could see the whole congregation that seemed hypnotized by the vigorous flow of words- holy words- of the Nigerian reverend. Sitting on the last row, observing the congregation, I began to imagine the world of an ordinary Monrovian who lives a life unique to their little nation, the land of Liberty, one of two nations in Africa that could retain untouched by colonial powers.

Liberty manacled in minds of slavery, Barrenness wails in slummy hatchery. Love materialized, care uncared in misery, Love child cries in human butchery.

Decorum crucified before god’s eyes, Soils infertile’d by sinned lazy hands. Coins tossed in dreams of heavens, Life is devoured by darkness of hells. 

Yelling at skies kneeling at cross, shakes, Pleading forgiveness for yesterdays` sins. Sinning, living art as forgiven tomorrow, Imposed blindness acquired as shadow.

Animalized Liberty guillotined thy soul, Ever blind eyes reflects thy guilt n`foul. Vanity is destiny chosen instead wisdom, Imitation enslaves thee at eternal colony.






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