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Book Title: Bayan
Author: Dr Pramidith D Rupsinghe
Format: Kindle

My Thoughts
It is with a happy heart and thoughtful mind I congratulate and thank the author for penning down this book. There are many times my father, a 65-year-old man, comments about the cultural, climatical, political and lifestyle changes that have been continuously changing according to the times. Sometimes the murmur irritates and sometimes makes me think as on why he does this. It took time for me to understand the psychological aspect of it. I felt a similar blow when my 7-year-old niece tried correcting me of something which I had a strong opinion on. Though this may not suit precisely the point, I am trying to explain, but the continuous changes that happen throughout often put down the framework one has created in his own mind. It is only when with a flexible and…

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