Behind the Eclipse

The African Book Review

Behind the Eclipse: The Unheard from the West African Ebola Crisis . . . by  Pramudith D. Rupasinghe

Sir, you know, when I was small, I met with a situation which was pretty similar to this. In the neighbouring village, where my grandfather`s brother was the chief, almost everyone died with a very highly contagious disease that we used to call Bush-curse. Then my father, who had gone to support the traditional healer had contracted the disease, and my village was seriously affected. I do still remember my father leaving with the healer to Guinea. Then he had returned to Liberia as the disease spread across the border. For me, it is just the history that repeats.’ (…) ‘You know, we have scientific evidence from a limited number of countries only since 1976, but it does not mean that it had not occurred anywhere else, since all favourable conditions for such virus to spread are here in the West Africa; therefore I can`t disregard your childhood…

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