Bayan- an exploration of life

“When my trembling fingers were no longer able to press the keys as hard as I used to, my old ears failed to follow my melodies, my bayan began to change its rhythm and tone. I felt that it had become familiar with my trembling fingers and faulty hearing, and composed a melody that did... Continue Reading →

Along the footpaths of Orwell and Neruda…

A couple of weeks has passed since the Irrawaddy literary festival which attracts writers and publishers around the world to Myanmar, an east Asian nation that has contributed enormously to global literature since its colonial times.  As an author who had spent a few years, hearing the life changing encounters of famous authors such as... Continue Reading →

Ebola outbreak in DRC.. a regional emergency?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) does not qualify as an international threat, even though cases have been confirmed in neighbouring Uganda."It was the view of the committee that the outbreak is a health emergency in DRC and the region, but does not meet... Continue Reading →

The Baobab

The Baobab, I named this after the baobab trees I had seen in Africa, unique with its imposing characteristics and symbolic importance for each country, ethnicity and tribe. But what my eyes can not believe even today was how I wrote this, just sitting on a bridge under the hot sun, in a dusty street... Continue Reading →

Termites reaches its mid-point

Unlike, other books termites seems taking a longer time than expected. It’s been already two years that the book has been fleshing up gradually. Today the manuscript has reached its mid-point, the 50% landmark, and the story seems to get interesting; a lot of changes has happened to the original story as the writing progressed... Continue Reading →

Writing amidst calamities…

My very first book Footprints in Obscurity was born out of an unforeseen adventures in over twenty counties  where I have travelled in Africa, and the second book was an adventure beyond imagination; I was writing a book on a child solider in Sierra Leon, and the book was named Behind the Eclipse as I... Continue Reading →

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