The Baobab

The Baobab, I named this after the baobab trees I had seen in Africa, unique with its imposing characteristics and symbolic importance for each country, ethnicity and tribe. But what my eyes can not believe even today was how I wrote this, just sitting on a bridge under the hot sun, in a dusty street... Continue Reading →

Termites reaches its mid-point

Unlike, other books termites seems taking a longer time than expected. It’s been already two years that the book has been fleshing up gradually. Today the manuscript has reached its mid-point, the 50% landmark, and the story seems to get interesting; a lot of changes has happened to the original story as the writing progressed... Continue Reading →

Writing amidst calamities…

My very first book Footprints in Obscurity was born out of an unforeseen adventures in over twenty counties  where I have travelled in Africa, and the second book was an adventure beyond imagination; I was writing a book on a child solider in Sierra Leon, and the book was named Behind the Eclipse as I... Continue Reading →

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