Vision and Mission

Pramudith D Rupasinghe foundation is a non-profit initiative aiming at promoting the literature of the most vulnerable and marginalized population across the world.
According to the guidance of Author Pramudith D Rupasinghe, Black Raven Publishers has joined to translate this noble vision a reality.

Current Projects

There two main projects carried out by Pramudith D Rupasinghe foundation.

1- Revive Sri Lanka In support of skilled writers in Sri Lanka in getting published internationally

2-Literature, A Call for Humanity -Project aims at supporting skilful writers from the most vulnerable and marginalized population across the world. Under this project, the collection of poems-Exodus– of Rohinga Poet Mayyu Ali was published. 

These projects are 100% non-profit and the selected authors will not be charged for any service officed by Black Raven Publishers. However, neither Black Raven Publishers nor Pramudith D Rupasinghe foundation will take over book marketing. Royalty management and marketing are supposed to be done by the authors themselves through international retailers where their books are sold. 

Getting a publishing scholarship with Pramudith D Rupasinghe foundation

If you are writer either from Sri Lanka or from a refugee or a displaced person or belong to any other venerable or marginalised group, reach out to use through the contact form.

After a screening process on the credentials and history, if you meet the fundamental qualifying criteria, your proposal submission will be possible through the contact form. We will accept unsolicited manuscripts depending on the quality of the work which we will evaluate once the proposal is submitted.

Your proposal will be evaluated by our editorial team, and you will be notified within 14 days whether we are ready to receive your manuscript of not. Qualifying candidates will have to submit the manuscript via email. After a careful review of the manuscript, one of our public relation officers will reach out to you with the final results to the review. If you are through, Black Raven Publishers will offer you a publishing contact according to the non-profit agreement between Pramudith D Rupasinghe Foundation and Black Raven Publishers.

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